Rafael Ayala's biographical sketch, shows the information of his life's trajectory and how, through the years, has managed to achieve his goals, overcome obstacles and persevere in the path of learning, and the "motivation of the consciousness" until having reached a distinguished place in the Human and Organizational Development field

Rafael was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, North-East of México. He grew up in a city bathed by the sun and high temperatures, decorated with cacti and desert plants. During his youth, mainly by desire rather than need, he worked as a lifter and a helper in a family company, and a waiter in a Deli. In his restlessness and desire to be involved in community activities, he participated as a volunteer in a Catholic Camp for children and youths. The interesting thing about this is that Rafael, with some friends, for many summers coordinated the promotion, transfer and care of almost 100 children who were taken from Hermosillo and places surrounding Cuernavaca (more than 2000 km apart), to spend time together for 3 weeks. Rafael was only 16 years old.

In his childhood he was a fan of baseball and after a fan of soccer and track. When he turned 18 he spent some time in the United States to learn English. The change in weather was radical and contrasting, from the Sonoran desert to the snowed Catskill mountains in the state of New York. From scorching 45ºC to a freezing       -20ºC. There he lived with an amazing northamerican family, studied his senior year in high school and performed some small jobs like removing snow from sidewalks; washing dishes in a restaurant; babysitting; taught Spanish, etc.

In 1984, he returned to México, went to México City to get his bachelor’s degree in Communication in Universidad Iberoamericana. He concluded his degree with a specialty on cinematography four and a half years later. During this time he worked as a producer’s assistant in concerts and tours for Franco, a popular Cuban-American Singer in that time. Also designed training courses in movie history and cinematography appreciation for executives at a video rental company called: "Videocentro". In that time, with two other classmates, participated in the t.v. series production "La telaraña", for Televisa and created several short films, and to their surprise they were recognized with their participation in the short film festival in Bilbao, Spain and a nomination for the Ariel (maximum cinematographic award for México) for best short movie.

In 1990 Rafael married Gabriela Izurieta, a graphic designer from México City. Together they started, since 1989, with the help of their spiritual mentor and friend Marco Barrientos, the magazine "Barro Vivo", focused on promoting family and self development based on christian principles. 1991 was a turning year in their lives, because in March, Mariana was born, their first daughter and in November they moved back to Hermosillo; returning to his birthplace after almost 8 years to join the administration of Agrotécnica de la Costa, an agricultural company that belonged to his father. During his time as manager, Rafael studied a certification on Business Direction in the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey and learned through the daily practice the essential skills of business administration. In 1993 their second daughter, Gabriela was born.

While directing the agricultural industry, he devoted his free time to working with teenagers. For many years he ran the group "Impacto Juvenil" in which teens, boys and girls, from all socioeconomic levels participated. He was a volunteer for 2 years in the Juvenile Correction Facility of the state of Sonora, where he helped young offenders, arrested for murder, with the intention of helping them to transform their lives so they could be reinstated into society in a positive way.

Due to his volunteer work with Sonoran youth, he was invited by Mirna Pineda, state television host, to present for the first time the subject that worried him from his involvement with teenagers: the wounds of the soul. When he shared this subject during the “Excelencia” show from Telemax, the audience’s response was overwhelming; Rafael started receiving calls in his office from people all around the country asking for help and wondering if there was a book about inner health and forgiveness as commented on the show. The impact was so astounding that Rafael decided to produce his first audio book titled “Healing the wounds of the soul.”

In 1996, a month before turning 31, life played him a bad joke. Rafael suffered an ischemic cardiomyopathy that almost took his life. As he narrates in some of his lectures, that terrible event turned into a great blessing; after going through it, he became more conscious of the frailty and brevity of life and decided to dedicate himself full time to what he was passionate about and had only his free time for: helping people to increase their quality of life. That is why after leaving the hospital he quit from the direction of the Agronomy Industry and got fully involved in the association "Amistad Cristiana de Hermosillo", collaborating in programs of marriage strengthening; school for parents; teaching and support for families and teens in conflict zones. Also founded and directed the centre for family and individual counseling "Soluciones".

In this free centre families and people in crises were supported into taking better decisions. To achieve this Rafael trained and formed family counselors.

During those years he hosted and produced 3 radio shows, focused on giving alternatives for overcoming and improving human beings. He developed over 30 hosts and hostesses for the radio shows: "Aquí entre nos"; "De frente a la vida" and "Vivir mejor". These shows were aired simultaneously in three different radio networks, making them compete. At the same time he was constantly invited to give lectures in different institutions both private and governmental, as well as in schools, universities and churches.

All these experiences made some business men to invite him to speak with their employees in their companies. In 1998 the insurance company Comercial América (currently ING) hired him to lecture the agents and representatives and their wives throughout all of México. By then Rafael had another audio book, “7 keys to a happy marriage”. The same year he founded Superación Humana, organization focused in promoting personal, professional and family development of individuals and companies.

Lover of reading and self taught formation, he continued with his preparation in the subjects of human development, human resources, personal and family relations, effectiveness, etc. As part of this education, he became certified as an instructor of the course “ The 7 habits of highly efficient people” by Dr. Stephen R. Covey. This learing process pushed him to get even more involved in the corporate world.

So he started to dedicated more and more time to study and develop material to cooperate in the increase of effectiveness  of the companies through their people. From this process surged his third audio book: "The 7 D’s to succeed". In 1999 he made his first professional trip to South America visiting Bogotá to present the subject of his latest audio book in a great event of the end of the century. The participants were Dr. Camilo Cruz, Lic. Josefina Vázquez Mota and Rafael. From that moment on, a tight relationship based on work and friendship was formed between Camilo Cruz and his company "Taller del éxito" (The Success Workshop).

Through his professional development Rafael was fortunate to be trained as a corporate coach and a facilitator by the recognized Freddy Kofman, a disciple of Peter Senge and founder of the global consulting company Axialent. For strategic and administrative reasons he decided to create the company Efectividad Humana (, channeling through it al the services related to the corporate world, leaving in Superación Humana all the related subjects to personal and family development.

In 2009 his t.v. spots "Regalos de vida" aired in the United States through Univisión Arizona, were nominated by the Academy of Arts of that country to the Emmy and in the fall of 2011 was invited by the International Haggai Institute as a Mexican representative to their seminar on leader formation with influence of emerging countries. This way, Rafael has continued to develop materials, seminars and programs to help organizations and their staff to increase their effectiveness and positively increase their culture. At the same time as the subjects of Human Resources and Corporate Efectiveness, he still teaches lectures and seminars on Human Development and Family Relations. His excellent level of lecture and content has led him to present in forums through Latin America, The United States and several countries in Europe. To his works he has added the books: "El viaje" (The Journey) with his friend Camilo Cruz, "Change your habits, Change your life" and the audio books: "Súbete a la bicicleta"(Hop on the bycicle) and "Forjando carácter".(Building Character)

Currently Rafael is the director of Efectividad Humana, a company that is present in the United States and Dominican Republic; he is a frequent guest in radio and television shows in different countries, publishes in magazines and journals and continues to research and learn with the intention or reaching more effectively his life’s mission. Lives in San Andrés Cholula, in the Mexican state of Puebla, with his family.